The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham

It's time to be bold.

There are problems to be solved. And futures to be formed.

The creative life isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for those who believe in themselves enough to trust their instincts, leave their comfort zones, and push their talents to the limit. If you’re up for it, keep going.

It’s hard in here because it’s hard out there.

To succeed in the real world of creativity, you need an education that’s just as real. And just as demanding. It won’t be easy. But as you’ll see, it’s all about setting you apart from the competition and making your transition from student to professional as seamless as possible.

Faculty who inspire and challenge you.

Not just teachers, but mentors. Not just theory, but practice. Our instructors share their real-world, hands-on knowledge. They’re out there doing what they love—and they’re right here doing everything they can to prepare you to lead.

Find your tribe.

You knew you weren’t alone in your passion for creativity. Now you know where to find classrooms full of people who share your commitment, goals, and love of ideas.

Collaborate and network with other students.

You’ll work as part of a team here—because that’s how it works out there. And you won’t just collaborate with students from your own field. It takes all kinds of talent to bring a vision to life.

Learn from past students: Our culinary alumni.

They’re James Beard winners. They own top-rated restaurants, create amazing dishes, and are building impressive careers. When these Culinary grads look back on how they got where they are, they talk about starting with the basics and giving it their all.

The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham